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IT'S on it's WAY!

Ohmygosh! I got the email today-- it's on its way! I cannot believe it. Glowforge also asked if you had a name for your machine-- so I still need to think of that! Send me any suggestions.

I am eagerly awaiting that tracking number to populate to see when exactly it will be here. The other emails telling you about the progress of the building and calibration have come already too-- I've been very informed about the progress which is so fun. One of the emails makes you think about the space that you will put the glowforge on when it arrives. So, I furiously started searching #glowforge on Instagram to see what others have done. I found so many different ways and also so much inspiration for what I want to make. Of course, I want to make all of it and get started now!

So, I did find on Instagram and instantly knew that's what I wanted my space to look like. Also *swoon* over her WHOLE setup. I am so jealous of it! I know it takes a while to get to where she is, but a girl can dream! I love the whole rainbow feel, it also reminds me of another awesome rainbow studio @AllSheWroteNotes.

But, Tisa (with her 26k followers!) actually messaged me back about where to find all of the parts to make my own setup like hers!

This.Is.Tisa studio
Inspo studio!

So, if you're wanting the set up-- here's what you got to do:

I only got those pieces because of my space, but the paper sorter that she has is also from Michaels Simply Tidy collection. You need to make sure that you have a shelf area that is wide enough for the glowforge and deep enough. Dimension: Glowforge exterior (Pro, Plus, and Basic): 38″ x 20.75″ x 8.25″ (965mm x 527mm x 210mm)

All four edges of the board that I got are raw cuts, so I will have to paint it to look all white. So, I don't know if there is a better piece to get for the topper from Home Depot, but this is what I was able to find when I walked into Home Depot with another mom, her son, and both of my boys post museum and Costco trip, so our time was VERY limited! The Mobile Chests are 16x16, so three of them together will be the 48" of the shelf I got. The backside will hang off by a decent amount, so you will need support in the backside so you'll need legs. They have some from IKEA or you can get adjustable legs from amazon.

If you're looking to buy a glowforge, I have a referral link so you can get up to $500 off. Any thoughts or questions, let me know! I'm excited to start building my space.

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