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It's Here!

Holy moly! IT CAME!

Let me tell you, I knew it was out for delivery a day early and I go volunteer at my daughter's school on Fridays. SO I had to have a mom-friend come over to sit and wait to make sure someone was here to sign for the package.

It didn't end up coming until the afternoon, and luckily the UPS guy was able to put both boxes right inside my door because I was not going to be able to lift that thing off of our porch. PLUS I didn't need anyone knowing that I got a new toy!

So, it sat right by our front door until my partner came home to help move it up two flights of stairs. And then sadly, it sat for two days before I had time dedicated to getting it all setup.

AND let me tell you-- foreshadowing-- getting that set up was NOT an easy task. I'll post about that here in a bit so other people can learn from my mistakes.

If you're thinking about ordering a Glowforge, go ahead and get your wireless internet settings passwords, and everything together because that was the hardest part!

Also-- IF you're wanting a glowforge, use this link here to order-- you'll save up to $500!

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